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Once, when my husband and I lived in Texas, I was in the kitchen about to do the dishes. My hubby was in the bedroom on the computer. There was movement out of the corner of my eye and I looked toward it. To my surprise, a big black snake was slithering along the baseboard of the cabinet by the stove. I kept my attention on the snake as I went to the hallway and called for Hubby in as soft a voice as I could. He came into the kitchen and saw the beast. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. We had a nail on the end of a thin wooden pole and he grabbed the weapon and skewered the snake to the wall by what looked like its neck. Do you know, we didn’t have one knife in the house that would cut the creature’s head off. Finally, Hubby sawed on it until it, at least, came apart and took it to the dumpster.

He and I were afraid of the creature. What is fear? Webster defines fear in the Webster’s New World Dictionary as anxiety caused by real or possible danger, pain, etc.; fright. There are other meanings, but this one suffices for our purposes. People in this world have many fears. Some are afraid of the dark, some are afraid of certain sounds, while others fear people. Running into an animal that is not friendly is scary, too.

Write a comment and let me know what kind of fears you have. We all have something. I would love to hear from you about this subject. As you are telling your fear, think of something that can help overcome it and write that in the comment.

This song is called “No Sadness” and is basically my theme. You can listen to it as many times as you’d like. It was written by me and I am playing the piano. My husband was kind enough to add a bass line for me. Keep it in the family, right?

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