What If: A Journey Into The Center of Disrupting For Disruption’s Sake
Deb CarverOwens

What if the American people got tired of all the disruptions in Congress and called for psyche evaluations on every one of the Representatives and Senators as pertains to senility with their positions commensurate on a positive outcome of these examinations or they would all be impeached while the people voted in Congress positions that the people elected could actually get along and accomplish something for this country rather than their own egos. Would the Congress delegates that are in office right now be able to tell the American people what they could and could not do? Is that what is going on now as pertains to Congress disrupting every single thing that the President does? Are those who are disrupting everything actually aware that they are doing more harm than good? or don’t they care anymore? Have they had their own way for so long that they don’t care what we, the people, think? Is there anything we can do about this if it is indeed going on? and what might that something be?

What if all of the colleges took attendance of who was participating in protests at their school and if a name was found that was not on the list, the people were shown to the door by policemen? Would all the disrupters that are causing the violence at these rallies be “weeded out”? Would the protestors want to be peaceful as is allowed by the constitution? or would they stick up for the rebel rousers and join in the violence? Once the violence starts, is everyone guilty of such behavior because the supposed peaceful protesters didn’t disclaim the violent ones? Are we the people supposed to stand back and let this go on time after time? or is there anything that we can do about that? And if there is what would it be?

What if the news media only reported the truth about stories and not someone’s political views? Is the news media supposed to report what is actually going on? or what they think is happening? Does opinion matter more than facts in this day and age? Would the views of we the people be different is we only heard the truth and saw integrity in our printed and televized media? Is that what is going on today? or are the news reporters so full of themselves that they don’t care how much they are tearing up this country with their unreliable reporting? or is that what is actually going on?

What if the courts of this land didn’t overstep their bounds to tell the President what he can and can not do? Is that even what is going on? Why is it legal for these people to tell the President “no” when the safety of this country is in his hands? Is our safety in his hands at all? According to some, he has no jurisdiction over anything. Is this truly the way it is? or are people so aggressive and egotistical that they will not pay attention to what is needed in this country? And they will only serve themselves and what heir party wants even to the detriment of this country?

What if this country found the definition for “treason” again in its language? Are the people who are leaking information to the media traitors for doing it? And are the media members that print or televize this information just as guilty as the ones who released it? Is there a law that says that those who incite riots and cause continual disruptions are guilty of anything? or is it their right to make such happenstances? Where is the line drawn that the perpetrators of these incidents can step over into real trouble? or when is their actions too much for it to be legal? Does anyone have the right to disrupt so much that they block normal people from their daily activities? Or is the right to protest peaceful also mean that they can do as they please to everyone else?

What if we the people took a few moments to contemplate these questions? What answers would we find? Would they enlighten us so that we can peacefully and united run our country as the constitution set it up? or will this country be turned into a socialist country that has very little freedom? Will we let go of our goals in life for advancement and stay where we are financially? or will we have our advancements and growth in the capitalist country that has , at least freedom? These are all food for thought, but what are the answers? Does anyone know of any suggestions that will help our situations? Are there any solutions? I pray that there are good and right solutions to all of these subjects. Write in my contact form some suggestions or opinions.