The song “Hero” was written by my husband and I years ago.  He is singing the lead and playing bass guitar.  The song is performed by “The 2nd Chance Band”.
Beautiful waltzes are always appreciated.  Dancing a waltz with your sweetheart is so romantic.  That’s what “Waltz with Me” is all about.
When our time here is through, it is nice to know that we will be carried home to Jesus.  “Carry Me Home” is sung by Steve Owens.
My husband and I put together “Blueslicks” with the keyboard for all the parts including the harmonica.
The picture is of a church building, but it also reminds us what Jesus did on the cross for us.  The song is “Cross Shaped Tree” and is an instrumental.  Also, there was a video in my head as I was creating the song that I hope to put up one day.
Strolling along the beach getting your feet just a little wet when the waves come in is a dreamy pastime.  Building sandcastles and watching dogs run into the water.  What a nice scene.  Hearing “Sea Jam” brings up these relaxing scenarios.